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Business Areas

  • Transport & Logistic

    From high quality hands-free microphones for in-vehicle operation to mobile data transmission solutions and a well-equipped car phone with integrated GPS module for telematics applications, pei tel offers several products and solutions for the transport and logistics sector.

  • Public Transportation & Traffic

    Many trains, busses and taxis are using radio technology to stay connected in every situation. Our radio accessories, which are perfectly suited for this sector, are compatible with the most common radio systems and GSM-R solutions.

  • Public Safety & Emergency

    Public safety and emergency services relay on safe communication. For this reason we aim to deliver the best quality to our customers. Accordingly all our radio accessories are very popular with the police, fire brigades and emergency services in several countries.

  • Industry

    pei tel is developing and providing individual solutions for the industry, such as a person tracking system for lone workers and a data transmission device for wireless data transfer. The whole development process is focused on the customers' needs and requirements.

Products & Solutions